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Welcome to Z Urban Mystic Academy
- online circus of the mind -
- reflective grounds for omnists -
- watering hole for those walking life's "middle way" -

Z is for me:
founder and resident mystic of Z Urban Mystic Academy.

U is for urban, which means
characteristic of the city.

M is for mystic, which refers to
a student of esoteric and occult insights.

A is for academy, which is
a school of special instruction —
often preparatory to higher learning.

Urban mystics are a type of spiritual seeker
that is currently on the rise —
born-and-raised city dwellers
with undeniable mystical tendencies, yet
no mentors outside of self-reflection
and sources found on the Internet for guidance.

And that search led you here,
which begs the question:

Which type of urban mystic are you?

But first: A COMMERCIAL from the ZUMA Store! 

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