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A Manifesto:

Welcome to the original manifesto

proclaiming Z LABYRINTH as

The World's Best Story of 2021.

Such a high honor!

If you're just hearing about it now, 

Z LABYRINTH is the story no one can get enough of in 2021

and its chapters are published on

Some say, Z LABYRINTH is a new dark-horse favorite

for the best story written of all-time

Whether that's true or just a bunch of hyperbolic marketing, 

you can tune into the story as it posts updates LIVE

throughout 2021 on 

It's the story everyone's going to be talking about

-- available free to all, with no paid subscription --

as stories should be.

As the author, I must say:

I'm so excited to tell you this story.

You seriously won't see some of the twists and turns coming  

... until you do.

Especially, the end!

You're definitely going to have feelings about that

and I can't wait for you all to record your reaction vids to it.

It's going to be great!

So come let yourself be swept into the future's best story of 2021! 

Now posting LIVE now on

with new showings starting: ALWAYS.

So, what are you waiting for?

ALL ABOARD & let's get going!

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