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Against the Grain - Cowboy Style

I love designs that come to me like a picture that hasn't happened yet. This often happens when I have a muse, as I do with this design.

The reference for the wheat in this design comes from a picture a twenty-something woman colored about 70 years ago. This particular woman never made it out of her twenties (an accident took her life), but she had a soul we all can learn from when it comes to going against the grain while making it look easy and enjoying the ride.

That's where the cowboy comes in. Not only does he embody her wild spirit, but I'd also like to think he's the kind of man she would have swooned for back in her day. So I added him in mid-ride.

May their cowboy spirit live on each time you paddle into the resistance, settle in, and lean into the uncertainty of the wild side!

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