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Birth of the Nom Ouroboros

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

The ouroboros (a.k.a. a snake/dragon eating its tail) is a visual metaphor, which means it can represent something different to all who see it. It has many cultural interpretations that are worth looking into philosophically on your path to figuring out this crazy world.

The Nom Ouroboros, however, is a 21st-century creation by me and my very first Official Z t-shirt. Fun fact: I finished the design on my birthday as a present to myself because I want this shirt.


The Nom Ouroboros EATs its past for dinner, POOPs it out before breakfast, and MANIFESTs fresh each new day. And it is believed that donning the Nom Ouroboros’s totem and mantra can help its bearers do the same.

And, man, I need more of that energy in my life. So I'm getting the shirt.

This shirt is for you if you’re ready to step out of the past and back into real-time living. The Nom Ouroboros loves to eat and will shed skin-after-outgrown-skin as it dines, poops, and manifests with you.

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